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Cancelled Shipments Policy

Richard Obousy -

We understand that life happens, and that sometimes circumstances will unfold that prevent you from fulfilling your obligations to the customer, and we do understand that.

However, we also understand that from the customer perspective, cancellations can be a huge source of stress for them and so we do our best to ensure that all the CitizenShipper drivers are reliable, and fulfill their obligations to the customer.

Over the years we've developed a cancellation policy for cases where a driver cancels on a customer, after they have accepted a driver for a shipment.

Shipment Cancellation Policy

First Cancellation: Our customer support team will temporarily lock your account, and email you to confirm that you understand that we do have a cancellation policy. Once you confirm to us (by replying to customer support) that you have read and understand the policy, your account will be unlocked.

Second and all Subsequent Cancellations: Your account will be locked, and you will be responsible for the lost booking fee from the customer. Your account will be unlocked after we receive payment.

We understand that every shipment is unique, and we also understand that there may be times when a customer attempts to update the terms of the agreement after they have selected you, or that the customer may have neglected to provide you with full details of the shipment, which may cause you to cancel on them. In situations like this, please be sure to email us on [email protected] to explain the situation. For cases where the shipper is at fault our customer support will be happy to reinstate your account with no cancellation penalty.

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    I think I upload a wrong information 。 I want to my pet from from charleston to pa。 not from pa to Charleston, could u help me cancel that then I will find another driver

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