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How do I know if a driver has bid on my shipment?

Richard Obousy -

When you list a shipment on the site, drivers are notified and will place bids on your shipment. The bid represents what the driver wants to get paid. 

Sometimes that can happen almost immediately, sometimes it can take a few minutes or hours, and occasionally it can take longer. 

As soon as a driver places a bid on your shipment we'll notify you immediately with both an email, and an SMS message. 

Clicking on the link in the message will take you to the main dashboard page where you'll communicate with, and book a driver. 

The page contains any messages the driver has sent you with questions they may have on the shipment. The page will also contain a link to the drivers main profile page, where you can see their past feedback from customers. You'll also be able to see their bid, a breakdown of the fee, and a "Book now" button. 

In addition, you'll see an area where you can quickly and easily exchange messages with the driver so that you can both discuss any aspects of the shipment, including the price, pickup dates, any special requirements and anything else you'd like to discuss. 

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