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Drivers are interested, but all their bids are higher than I want to pay.

Richard Obousy -

If you are uncertain about the charges being suggested on a shipment, you can check out some similar shipments <here>. CitizenShipper has a price estimator tool, which guides drivers in making appropriately priced bids. Make sure you look for that on your dashboard as well. You might find that for one reason or another, drivers cannot deliver your shipment for a lower cost. Or you might see that other drivers are offering lower charges on similar shipments. CitizenShipper encourages you to contact the bidding drivers directly and ask. You can do that by clicking on a drivers name and then scrolling to the bottom of their profile page and clicking on the “Ask a Question” button. If you don’t want to contact the driver directly, you can simply wait and see if other drivers submit lower bids.


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