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How can I find out more about the drivers submit quotes on my shipment?

Ikka -

You can find out quite a lot about a driver from their profile page. If you click on the name of a driver anywhere on the CitizenShipper platform you will be taken to their profile page. Information such as their home city, photo, and for driver's who choose to share; links to their social networking sites.

You can also send any driver a direct message and ask any questions that may come up regarding your shipment. 

Also, every driver is required to pass a background screening in order to drive for CitizenShipper. The driver profile page includes:

  • Name and email contact information.
  • Driving history and experience level.
  • Professional driving licenses. ( a Commercial Drivers License for example.)
  • USDOT number.
  • Name of insurance company.
  • Photos of the driver and their vehicle.



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