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What are some best practices of power shippers?

Ikka -

  • In all cases, it’s best to communicate. Drivers always appreciate a quick text or phone call to let them know if any details have changed. Communication is the key to being successful on CitizenShipper.


  • When you are posting a shipment, provide as much specific detail as possible. Let them know about any special handling instructions, or neighborhood directions for pick-up and drop-off if the locations might be hard to find. This will help drivers make accurate bids quickly so your shipment can get to its destination faster.


  • We strongly encourage everyone in our community to fill out their profile pages in full. It isn’t required for shippers but a full profile page makes interactions more personal and enjoyable for everyone. Check out <Stories> pages for links to successful CitizenShipper driver’s profiles for ideas.


  • Think about any details of your shipment that might lead to higher bids, like heavy or large objects that might require an extra pair of hands to move or out of the way pick-up or drop-off locations. Thinking about it ahead of time might allow you to mitigate some of the extra cost. Being conscious of extenuating circumstances will at the very least keep you from being surprised at the bids you receive.


  • Be flexible with the method of payment. Set up and link your accounts ahead of time so payment is quick and hassle free. If a driver prefers one service over another, you can respond quickly to any request and you will be able to remit payment immediately upon delivery.


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