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How do I pay for my shipment?

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When you select your driver from your dashboard page two things happen. First, you will be taken to a payment page to confirm your shipment by remitting your booking fees to CitizenShipper. The total amount will be calculated for you based on the agreed upon quote amount.  Second, an email notification is sent to the driver with your contact information. At that point, the driver should call or email the shipper directly to work out pick-up and delivery details. If you do not hear from your driver, feel free to reach out to them with the contact info provided to you.

Drivers will often accept full payment upon delivery, however some drivers will request up-front payment for some or sometimes all of the amount owed. CitizenShipper does not mediate the transaction nor do we police payments in anyways as we support the concept of a fair an open marketplace. 

If the driver does request any up-front payment we recommend the following:

i. Check that the driver has past feedback from satisfied customers. 

ii. Check the driver shows the 'background verified' logo on their profile. 

iii. Choose payment methods that can be disputed in case things do not go according to plan. Forms of payment that include dispute options include Paypal and credit card payments, which have safe-guards in place that allow you to dispute payments. Payments through methods like Moneygram or Western Union are irreversible and are not recommended. 


If there is any problem at all with payment, shippers and drivers can contact CitizenShipper support at any time. Our support staff are here to assist you and can advise you on best practices when it comes to payments! 





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    Lisa Joyce Sonnier

    I need to pay 850 for life insurance for my pet being deliver to sulphur Louisiana from Houston my bank is closed what do I do

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