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How do I pay for my shipment?

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When you select your driver from your dashboard page two things happen. First, you will be taken to a payment page to confirm your shipment by remitting your bookingfees to CitizenShipper. The total amount will be calculated for you based on the agreed upon quote amount.  Second, an email notification is sent to the driver with your contact information. At that point, the driver should call or email the shipper directly to work out pick-up and delivery details. If you do not hear from your driver, feel free to reach out to them with the contact info provided to you.

Driver fees will be owed to the driver, upon delivery of the shipment and it is up to you and the driver to agree on an amicable and agreeable method of payment. Often cash on delivery is preferred by drivers, however check, paypal or even credit cards can be used.


If there is any problem at all with payment, shippers and drivers can contact CitizenShipper support at any time.





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