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Tell me more about adding "Routes."

Richard Obousy -

“Routes” are the places you are willing to drive to and from. You can select as many as you’d like or none at all.  If you add selected routes to your profile, CitizenShipper will send you a dashboard notification and/or an email anytime a shipment listing matches any of your selected routes or as a summary digest. You can configure your email and notification settings from your dashboard, in the "My Account" section.

When you sign into your account the "Recommended" tab opens with shipment listings. This will display all the shipments that lie along your specified routes.

Adding Routes

  1. To add routes to your profile, click on “My Routes” in the top navigation bar of your dashboard screen.


     2.  From the "Manage Routes"screen you can select regions you want to deliver in by state or between cities. You can select a radius around each city that suits you. 


Adding routes is pretty simple, but it can be powerful if your routes are highly customized to your lifestyle. You can even be a little aspirational and creative and look for shipments to or from places you want to visit. Want to see the Grand Canyon? Add a route to or from there within a 50 mile radius. Boom, and your gas is paid for. Think about all the possibilities! 



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