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What are some best practices of highly successful CitizenShipper drivers?

Ikka -

In all cases, it’s best to communicate. This goes for being on the road as well. Shippers always appreciate a quick text or phone call to let them know how things are proceeding. Communication is the key to being successful on CitizenShipper.


• When you have won a bid we encourage you to call the shipper and discuss all details about the shipment ASAP. Let them know that you are looking forward to working with them. This will give the client additional confidence that he/she has picked the right driver for the job!


• We strongly encourage everyone in our community to fill out their profile pages in full. Drivers with near empty profile page information almost never get picked for contracts. Think of your profile as a 'store-front'. Whenever you make a bid on a contract shippers will always click on your name, and he/she will be able to see if you are right for the job. Clients make this decision in seconds so make sure you have a good profile. Check out <Stories> pages for links to successful CitizenShipper driver’s profiles for ideas.


• Don’t overlook the ‘Experience’ field on your profile. Tell people about any experience you have driving. If you are a professional driver then list your how long you've been driving, any special license etc. If you have your own company, you can also fill out the DBA (Doing Business As) field and provide your EIN number. If you are a casual driver then let people know how long you've been driving, if you have a clean license, if you are punctual etc. You need to 'sell' yourself.


• Add photos to your profile. Good photos to upload include pictures of yourself and your vehicle. This helps give people an idea who to expect at the door, and provides confidence that your vehicle will do the job at hand.


• Be flexible with the method of payment. Set up and link your accounts ahead of time so payment is quick and hassle free.  If a shipper prefers one service over another you can respond quickly to any request.


• If you are just starting out on CitizenShipper and need some feedback, bid a little low for your first couple jobs in order to win them. You can ask directly for feedback as well when speaking with your shipper.


• Start slow. Don’t overwhelm yourself right from the start. As you make a few shipments things like payment conversation and email communication will improve. You can even optimize creatively to delight your shippers (design beautiful emails, trigger texts with location based apps) once you get your service up and running.


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