What are some best practices of highly successful CitizenShipper drivers?




  • Jan Lundberg

    Hhmmm? Should i b a driver? I can't decide whether this is actually worth it or not. Is it a money maker? It would cost me $300 in gasoline to drive from New York City to Miami. If my bid is $400 to $450 that's not much of a profit is it? Especially for a journey that may take close to a week. What am I missing?

  • Robert Petty

    Jan, I would bid $1.70 per mile, plus expenses for an animal or other related excess. The mileage is a write off for your business. 1,278 miles is a long drive, you will also have to figure in food & lodging. (provided where you stay accept animals). Then you have a long drive back home, unless you plan to stay in Miami. Then lower price is OK. At least it gets you there. Good luck, safe travels.

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