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What are the benefits of using CitizenShipper?

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You can create an account on CitizenShipper in under a minute and post your shipments for bidding almost as quickly.



Communicate directly with your driver, who is the only person who handles your special package from Point A to B.


Most cost effective.

Save 60 – 70% on average as compared to traditional shipping companies. No hidden fees. Charge based specifically on your item by drivers who are already traveling to your shipment’s destination.



CitizenShipper screens drivers comprehensively and allows you to choose a driver from your community. Should there be any issues at all the CitizenShipper team is there to support shippers, drivers, and partners. Email support or call 1-888-263-4804.



We match shipments with drivers who are already headed in that direction. This allows for a more efficient use of extra space in the car and helps to remove extra delivery trucks from the roads.


Flexible, adaptive, and responsive to meet your needs.

CitizenShipper enables packages to be sent in a flexible manner for both the shipper and the driver. Drivers make some extra cash and shippers get personal service and care for their package. Empower your neighbors by shipping packages.

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