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How much does it cost to become a driver?

Richard Obousy -

We offer drivers a 30-day free trial of CitizenShipper. You can cancel at any time during that trial period, with no subscription fees due. 

After 30 days you are moved on to our monthly billing plan of $24.99 per month. We offer a 30 day money-back guarantee on those first 30 days of paid subscription. So if you are not happy we offer a full refund of your first payment of $24.99. 

In summary, you get to test-drive CitizenShipper risk free for your first two months

Your subscription will renew automatically by each month, and if you need to cancel you can do so from your profile page, or by emailing us on [email protected] There are no contracts to sign, no cancellation fees and you can cancel anytime. 

Your subscription fee helps with the upkeep of our site and allow us to continue to bring you the quality jobs you are looking for. This subscription fee also pays for your initial background screening that give your customers the peace of mind they are looking for when hiring someone to transport their items.




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