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How do I find shipments to bid on?

Richard Obousy -

There are a number of ways to find shipments to bid on CitizenShipper.

From Your Dashboard

When you log in to CitizenShipper, using your driver login email and password, you will be taken to your Dashboard - Home. There you will see a list of 'Recommended' shipments. These recommendations are made in response to your chosen routes

You can also click on 'Active,' 'Won,' or 'All' to see just your active shipments, all the shipments you've won, or all the shipments listed on CitizenShipper site-wide. 

You can also apply filters to your shipment display by selecting 'Filters,' in the top right corner of your dashboard. 


From the CitizenShipper Home Page

If you are not logged into your account on CitizenShipper, you can still see the list of all the live shipments on the site. If you click, 'Find Shipments' in the page footer under 'Driver Resources' you will see a list display of all posted shipments which you can filter by date, category, origin, destination, posting date or number of active bids.


Via Email

As a driver, you can select your routes and then set your email preferences to receive notifications each time a new shipment that matches your routes is listed. You can also opt to receive a daily or weekly digest of all matching shipments. Set your email preferences, by selecting 'Email Settings' in the top right drop down menu under 'My Account.'


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