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How can I accurately price a shipment?

Richard Obousy -

It's entirely up to you, but considering the following aspects will greatly improve your accuracy in estimating costs.

•How much gas will the trip take including pick-up and drop off details?

• How much does the item for shipment weigh? Large items can require more fuel.

• Will you need extra time for loading or unloading?  Will you need to hire an extra pair of hands?

• Are there any extra charges? Like tolls roads.

• Do you want to fold in the background check fee for your first bid?

• Keep in mind a typical courier rate is between $.20 and $1.60 per mile.

• Do you need feedback? Are you just starting out? If you have not received any feedback yet then you might want to submit a quote that is slightly lower on the estimate range. Once you start getting feedback, and people start to see how trustworthy and dependable you are, you can increase your quotes.

CitizenShipper has a price estimator tool you can use when creating a quote as well. The price estimator will compare your bid to other bids on similar shipments on the CitizenShipper platform and inform you as to where your bid falls on that specific range.


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