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As a driver, how do I get paid?

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Submitting Quotes

When you submit a quote on a shipment, you are informing the shipping customer what your fee is for completing that delivery. You will get paid the amount you quote for any shipment.  Make sure you take all your costs into account when you are scoping a shipment. If you require a deposit from your shipper, or payment up front, please be sure to inform your shipping customer of this before they have accepted your bid and entered into contract with you. 

When you are selected to drive, you will be notified via email. You can communicate with your shipping customer directly to set up pickup and delivery specifics.


Payment Methods

When customers accept you for their shipment, they are bound to pay you for the shipment. Payment can be made by the customer upon delivery and be in the form of cash, check, paypal, credit card or any other form of payment that you are happy with.

To accept credit card payments there are a number of very easy to use options in existence. Square.com, for example, will send you a small credit card reader that attached to your smart-phone and will allow you to quickly and easily accept credit cards.  


CitizenShipper has robust security protections in place to protect everyone's identity and account information. We also have dispute resolution services that, if needed, any customer can take advantage of.  If there is any problem at all with payment, shippers and drivers can contact us anytime. We will guide you through it step-by-step until we reach a successful outcome for everyone involved. 

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    John Oswald

    While driver travel on road after droping shipment, should driver use iphone or Android instead of laptop for next trip?

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