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As a driver, how do I get paid?

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As a driver, one of the most important things you'll need to understand is how the payment  system works. 

First and foremost - CitizenShipper does not mediate your transaction. We simply serve as the match-maker, connecting you with the client. Therefore, it's important that you agree on your payment expectations with the customer before pickup. 

Many drivers simply request "COD" (Cash on Delivery), which sees the customer pay them upon successful delivery of the shipment. Some drivers negotiate a portion of the payment up-front  with the shipper, which helps pay for gas en-route. 

We typically advise customers against paying money up-front as this increases the risk of scammers taking advantage of customers and not delivering on their end of the bargain. This is especially the case when money up-front is requested in the form of non-retrievable cash (Western Union or Money Gram for example). 

If you do request any cash up-front, we highly recommend that you offer the customer a payment method that is retrievable should things not go according to plan. Examples include Paypal, or Credit card payments, which the customer can dispute. This helps give the customer added peace of mind. 

Payment Methods

Cash or check are typical and easy ways to get paid. However, offering the customer the option of paying by Paypal or Credit card provides them with additional payment options, which makes the process simpler and often easier for them, and can make the difference between you winning or job, vs the customer selecting somebody else. 

To accept credit card payments there are a number of very easy to use options in existence. Square.com, for example, will send you a small credit card reader that attached to your smart-phone and will allow you to quickly and easily accept credit cards.  

The CitizenShipper Fee

CitizenShipper charges the customer a small fee, prior to them being able to accept you for their job. We do not take this fee out of your bid. What you bid - you get paid. Our fee works on a sliding scale, with a minimum fee (charged to the customer) of $49.99. This CitizenShipper fee is added to your bid, and is paid by the customer as soon as they book you for a job. 

For example, let's say you bid $500 on a shipment, and win that shipment. The CitizenShipper fee in this example is $93.5, which the customers pays to CitizenShipper. The customer then owes you $500 (as per your bid).   






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    While driver travel on road after droping shipment, should driver use iphone or Android instead of laptop for next trip?

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