As a driver, how do I get paid?




  • John Oswald

    While driver travel on road after droping shipment, should driver use iphone or Android instead of laptop for next trip?

  • patrick kimbrell

    How do we or the customer correspond with each other? We cant use phone numbers or email. If we cant talk with each other then what good is the messages for? Your guidelines are that everything is between the shipper and driver. You charge the the shipper. Why do you keep threatening to lock our account simply because we are trying to corespond with them. This is a total contradiction to your terms and conditions.

  • ladylency

    Mike Orzark did a great job transporting my chow puppy fom Louisiana to San Pablo Ca. Mike stayed in touch with me all the way from Louisiana to Ca.I would recommend Mike to anyone. Thank you Mike for such good service.

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