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Driver Dashboard Features

Richard Obousy -

The CitizenShipper driver dashboard is geared toward making it easier for you to locate shipments, keep track of bids, and use CitizenShipper while on-the-go, with a mobile device.

Here are some of the features we've added! 

Your “Active Bids” section displays a real-time summary of all shipments you’re bidding on, and indicates whether you have the lowest bid. Using this section you can quickly locate shipments you’re bidding on, and modify your bid if you need to.

The main portion of the screen illustrates the CitizenShipper marketplace.The tabs at the top of the page show you the following:

Recommended: This tab shows you shipments based on the type of shipment you’ve indicated you can ship, and also the routes information you’ve provided us.

Active: This tab shows you a summary of all the shipments you’re bidding on

Won: This tab shows you a summary of all the shipments you’ve won

All: Shows you all the shipments that are live on the site




You’ll also notice the following tabs.

The List and Map tabs will allow you to switch between a table view showing you live shipments, and a map view where you can actively search for shipments using a map.

The Filters tab expands once clicked, and allows you to filter the shipments you’re shown, based on category of shipments, and geographical location.






At the top of the page, you’ll see the following menu options.

Dashboard navigates you back to your main dashboard screen.

My routes allows you to edit your route details, and let us know where you can pickup and deliver shipments.

My Messages allows you to keep track of messages from customers across a range of shipments.





Clicking your name at the top right of the screen opens additional menu items:


My Profile shows you a summary of your user information and change password.


Edit Profile allows you to modify your account with updated information


Email Prefs allows you to update your email preferences, and lets us know what emails you want to receive from us.


Photos lets you upload or delete profile photos.


eBay takes you to a page explaining our eBay affiliate program should you wish to join.



We hope that this new dashboard improves your user experience. Please leave comments or question in the comments below.  :)


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