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  • K9emt1965

    Driver backed out

  • Margie51tx

    driver backed out no communication with me from driver

  • Jmass6613

    My 1st driver and I set up all necessary details of the shipment including that he wanted cash on delivery. At that point I wired money for payment to the delivery address. The driver then backed out without informing me that he would not be showing up for pickup. When I tried to contact him I received no communication at all. I need a refund for this transaction. I attempted to book again with another driver and paid the booking fee. After booking, the driver informed me that he required payment upfront which I would not and had not agreed to as the money for payment is already at the delivery address. I immediately informed the driver that the transaction would have to be canceled. I need refunded for both attempts at shipment. I am willing to attempt to use your services again but not until these disputes have been resolved.

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