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About Dispute Resolution Services

Richard Obousy -

Citizen Shipper offers an Online Dispute Resolution (ODR) process for any party shipper or driver who is unsatisfied with his or her transaction. The process will consist of a Negotiation Forum, whereby the parties can attempt to work out a satisfactory resolution on their own. The responding party may choose whether to participate, however, all parties who do participate in the Negotiation Forum agree to do so in good faith with the intent to reach a settlement that is agreeable to them.

If the parties do not reach an agreed upon resolution during the three-day Negotiation Period, a neutral third party, under contract with Citizen Shipper, LLC, will join the dispute. This neutral will propose one final settlement after reviewing both parties’ suggested resolutions. If both parties do not accept this settlement, the Negotiation Forum will close and Citizen Shipper’s involvement in the dispute will end. Citizen Shipper will, at the request of either party, provide the names and contact information of arbitrators who may be willing to arbitrate the dispute. The time, manner, and payment will be decided by the parties and the arbitrator, and Citizen Shipper will not be a party to the arbitration process.

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