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Modifying Shipment Details After Receiving Quotes.

Richard Obousy -

If you have posted a shipment to the CitizenShipper platform and need to make changes to any of the details about your shipment, you can do that at any time. 

However; if your shipment has already received quotes from one or more drivers modifying any shipment details will nullify all previously submitted quotes. Drivers will receive a notification that your shipment details have changed and be given the opportunity to resubmit a new quote. 

Drivers often assess each shipment for a number of details which may raise or lower the cost of that particular shipment. In order for their quotes to be accurate and reflect the true cost of delivering your shipment safely and on-time, we give them the opportunity to view the changes made and submit a new quote. Any messages you had exchanged with your driver are preserved in the quote cards on your dashboard. Just the quote is rescinded. 

 Modifying your shipment details

 Simply click on the gear icon in the top right of the page, and click 'Edit Shipment'


Need to delete your shipment? Simply hit the delete button on the Edit shipment page. 


As mentioned above - modifying the details of a transportation listing will cancel all existing quotes on that job. If you're negotiating with a driver, shoot them over a quick note letting  them know that you had to change some details and that you're interested in receiving another quote from them. 





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    frank legge

    I had to change the zip code from 19601 to 19526

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    I used Puppyrush transport and they were fantastic! The communication was frequent and helpful! My little puppy arrived in perfect condition and very happy! I highly recommend them!

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