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Shipping Dashboard

Richard Obousy -

CitizenShipper has released a NEW Shipping Dashboard that makes the tracking of existing shipments and communicating with drivers a snap. The dashboard is loaded with new features which are explained in detail below.   

Here's all the good stuff: 


Simple Design

The new shipper dashboard design is one part in a larger effort to make CitizenShipper the most simple peer-to-peer shipping platform in America. The new design makes it easier to see and act on important information about your shipment. Everything is stored for you to access anytime right from your dashboard.  



Dashboard Navigation

Your dashboard home screen is the "Quotes Manager." From here you can access all of the features and tools needed for managing your shipments. In the top navigation bar you'll notice the following links:


When your shipment receives new quotes, you will see a small notification bubbles here. If you click on “Quotes” from anywhere in your dashboard, you will be taken to your home screen which displays all received quotes in a list.



If you need to edit your shipment, click on “Edit” here and your shipment details will display and allow you to change anything you need to.

 Your Name

Clicking on your name in the navigation bar will display a drop down menu, which links to your profile settings. You can post a new shipment from here, or visit other shipments you have posted.

If you click on any one of your shipments, you will be taken to the "Quotes Manager" screen for that shipment. This feature allows you to manage multiple shipments quickly and easily, without confusing the details. 



Quotes Manager

Quote Card

When a driver submits a quote, or you invite a driver to your shipment, their name and reviews will display here in a list. If you click on any of the quotes the card will expand to show you more details and allow you to send messages to your driver.


Connect Window

Here you can send and receive messages from your drivers. You can communicate or confirm details just like chat messaging. CitizenShipper will send you an email notification for each new message received, so you won't miss anything essential. 


Quote Levels 

When a driver submits a bid we will display it right here and let you know underneath whether we think it's a good deal or not. 


Accept Quote 

If you decide this driver is right for you, click “Accept this driver.” You will be taken to the deposit and driver confirmation page and be given all your driver’s contact information.



Payment Page

The payment page is simple and straight forward. Enter in your payment information to submit your deposit on your accepted quote, then you will receive all the driver's info and you can get your shipment on its way. 



Enjoy your new dashboard!

If you have more questions, check out our Shipping Quick Start Guide for essential tips and guidance. 




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    Dan Sutton

    Yes very clear

  • Avatar

    where is my page

  • Avatar

    Is this website at complete fraud or has anyone had a good experience?

  • Avatar
    Eugene Fincher

    So I created a account my email password and pic I signed in..where is my page ,my dashboard where is the shipments to bud on

  • Avatar
    Eugene Fincher

    Bid on

  • Avatar
    Randy Guthmiller

    Is this a joke impossible to even create my account who designed this ? Whoever did should find a different line of work because he sucks at this

  • Avatar
    Jessica LaMonde

    I would like a refund. Not only did I join for my free 30 days, a bid was accepted, but I wasn't able to confirm my membership for some reason - and then my membership was cancelled after the 30 day trial. I decided to pay the $24.99 and now I cant even log in.

    Great concept, but poor service.

  • Avatar
    steve gerbig

    what a fucked-up web-page... FINALLY get "signed up", but NOW, I'm left foundering for the page to list the parcel I need shipped... Fiddled for a half-hour, got pissed. What FOOL designed this FIASCO??? I'm OUTTA here

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