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How Background Screenings Create Community

Richard Obousy -

We ask all of our new drivers to initiate a background screening before submitting quotes on any shipments. If the driver meets the following criteria, CitizenShipper will mark their profile as "verified."

• Zero felonies in the past five years.
• Zero felonies in the last ten years involving theft, or any violent crime.
• Zero DUI arrests within the last five years.
• No outstanding warrants for arrest.


Having all of our drivers verified gives many of our shipping customers confidence that their cherished possessions; and in the case of pets, loved ones, will be safe and well-cared for on their journey.

Our shipping customers get to know our drivers through images on profile pages and direct chat communication via their CitizenShipper dashboard. This exchange of information serves to make the entire experience of CitizenShipper, for both drivers and shippers, more personal. 

We believe making business more personal is a fundamental step in creating strong, safe, and vibrant communities. Background screenings is an important first step that instantly gains trust and confidence and helps the communication between shipper and driver develop more quickly. 

If you have ideas about how we can further engage drivers or shippers through the CitizenShipper platform, post them in the comments, or email support@citizenshipper.com at any time. 

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    Randy Schiller

    I am still not able to find where /what I need to do to get verified.

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