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How does the CitizenShipper ODR process work?

Richard Obousy -

The parties will participate using a Negotiation Forum, where the unsatisfied party (Claimant) can state their dispute and request a certain remedy. The responding party (Respondent) is given three days from the opening of the dispute to rebut and explain their side, and can counter with an alternative solution. At this time, the Claimant can accept or reject the Respondent’s offer, and propose one final solution. If no solution is reached by this stage, a neutral third party will enter the Negotiation Forum, review both parties’ positions, and propose one final settlement. If the parties still do not agree on a resolution, Citizen Shipper will refer the parties to one or more independent arbitrators who are willing to arbitrate the dispute in a manner determined by those involved. This will end Citizen Shipper’s involvement, and any fees will be decided by the parties and/or the arbitrator.

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