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Messaging and Chat Platform

Richard Obousy -

A LOT of activity occurs in the messaging platform, which is where most shipments are negotiated and won. 


  • Messages updates in real-time allowing you to close contracts and make deals faster than ever before.
  • Data-powered PRICE INSIGHTS show you the optimal range of quotes for each shipment. No more guessing.
  • Make more money by quickly finding shipments along the same route, right from the messaging screen (desktop only).

Here's a screenshot of the new chat and messaging interface. We'll explain all the features in more detail right below this main image. driver_chat_desktop_announcement_2x.png


We'll go over each of the messaging platform features one by one. 

1. Price Insights

One new feature on the chat platform is the 'Price Insights' section, zoomed in just below. 

The Price Insights uses historical data to provide you with a snapshot of the winning bid for similar shipments. Using this information you can accurately gauge what a winning bid is likely to be.  

The way to read this chart is as follows:

The horizontal axis shows you the bid. 

The vertical axis tells you the fraction of similar shipments that were won in the past, at that bid. 

So in this example, very few similar shipments were won at the very low, or very high end of the bid range. 'Very low' in this case would be $150. 'Very high' in this case would be greater than $700. 

To make things easier, we've colored in dark orange the bid range where 50% of all winning bids lay.  

2. Shipment Overview

The shipment overview provides drivers with a quick review of the shipment details. 

From this section we see that the customer wants to transport a small dog from Chicago to Dallas between April 3rd and April 5th. The text shown just below the date is a snapshot of the customers description of their job.

3. Stacks

The new 'Stacks' section allows drivers to quickly and easily located active shipments that are along the same route of the shipment they are currently discussing with the customer. 


In this example, we see from the 'Shipment Overview' section that this customer wants to ship a small dog from Chicago to Dallas. The stacks section shows two similar shipments (both dogs) that are along that same route from Chicago to Dallas (assuming the driver was driving directly). 

Other information contained in this section include:

i. How many extra miles will need to be driven to pickup and deliver the shipment. 

ii. The similarity in the requested pick-up and drop off dates.

iii. The additional revenue that the driver could potentially make (based on historic data) from this shipment. 


4. Main Messaging Section

The main messaging section is where the customer and driver exchange messages. 

The main improvements we've made (compared to the previous version of chat and messaging) are the following:

i. New messages update in REAL-TIME. Previously the screen had to be reloaded to see a new message. 

ii. Quickly see when earlier messages were sent. 

5. Active Conversations

The active conversations section shows you conversations you have with shipping customers, and lets you quickly and easily switch between conversations with customers. Conversations are arranged in order of when the most recent message was received. 


Our team have been working on this exciting release for some time now and our hope is that the new messaging platform provides you with much needed tools to make your experience on CitizenShipper easier, and more profitable! 

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