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*New Messaging and Chat Platform (Shipping Customers)

Richard Obousy -

We're excited to announce the release of an major upgrade to our messaging and chat platform.

This new upgrade makes it easier than ever before for drivers and customers to communicate with each other.


  • A faster, mobile-optimized messaging experience keeps your conversations flowing smoothly no matter which device you're on.
  • No-surprise price overview tells you exactly what you pay and when, right on the messaging screen.
  • Understand driver ratings better with new rating distribution widget.

Here's a screen shot of the new chat screen.  We'll explain each of the sections right below. 



1. Driver Reviews

Because drivers are rated by previous customers, the new driver reviews section lets you quickly see their ratings distributions. 

In the example shown above, this driver has received forty '5-star' ratings, ten '4-star' ratings, and one '1-star' rating. This section helps you quickly find the drivers who have overall great ratings from their past customers. 

Driver Summary

At the top right of the new messages page, you'll see a picture of the driver you're speaking with, their company name, and their average star rating, as well as a brief summary of the experience section of their profile. 


One convenient new feature of the chat section is the Offer section. This illustrates what the drivers quote is (in this case $700), what the CitizenShipper booking fee is, and what the total amount is for the shipment. 


When you're ready to book the driver, just hit the 'Book now' button. 

Active Conversations 

As your shipment attracts more bids, you may have several conversations with drivers going on at the same time. You can easily switch between conversations by clicking on the message tab for each driver. 



As well as their profile pic, and name, you'll also see a summary of their most recent message. 


Main Conversation Screen

As you switch between driver conversations, the main conversation will appear central on the screen. Conversations update in real-time so there's no need to refresh the screen during the conversation.

Other Features

You'll notice two other features on the page. If you have more than one shipment listed on CitizenShipper, the following drop down lets you quickly switch to your active conversations for each unique shipment. 


Also, if there are details of your current shipment that you need to modify (like the pickup date for example) just click the Edit Shipment button. 

We're excited to bring you this new upgrade and we believe that this will make finding the perfect driver quicker and easier than ever before!

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