Canceling a shipment after booking a driver




  • sam zook

    How do I cancel a shipment

  • Somkhid Kundiger

    Buyer back out on Luna. I don't need her transport now.

  • Somkhid Kundiger

    Buyer back out again. I need to cancel

  • Mizraim Borboa

    Aspire to Inspire is Highly Professional, responsible, friendly, trustworthy and genuine. I loved dealing with Brenda. I will do business with her in the future for sure.She is five stars for real.

  • Matthew Coleman


    If you need to a remove a shipment listing, you can click on the settings cog in the top right corner of your screen, click "Edit Shipment" and then "Delete" at towards the top of your screen. 

    If you have already booked your driver, or you are transported and need to cancel with your shipper, please let them know that. Then you can message in and we will help you with the rest and also find you a new driver if necessary:)

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