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How to Talk to Customers

Richard Obousy -

We've noticed that the most successful drivers on CitizenShipper are GREAT at communicating with customers. 

Often drivers will introduce themselves prior to submitting their first quote - or they'll submit a quote and then follow up with a message or two. 

The CONTENT of your first messages to the customer are crucial to winning. 

Imagine you're a customer and you're shipping a pet for example. You're a little nervous as you've never shipped your puppy and you want to make sure they're in good hands. 

You receive TWO messages from two different drivers. The messages read as follows:

Message 1

I'll be in the area next week. I could do this for 500. 


Message 2

Hey there! My name is Candace and I'm an experienced transportation provider with a perfect safety record, clean license and full coverage insurance. I've been transporting dogs for three years now and LOVE animals. We stay in pet-friendly motels for the trip, and they will be safely secured during the transport in a carrier. I'll make regular rest stops and I'll also send you regular  pictures so you can see that your baby is happy and safe. Before I place a quote may I ask if you have a budget in mind?


If you were a customer, which message would you be more likely to respond to?

They key here is to develop great customer relations skills. Introduce yourself. Let them know a little about your driving history, and your experience with their specific type of shipment, be it a dog, a boat, a car or anything else. The customer wants to know that their shipment is in safe hands so talking to them about your experience is an important step in building up that trust. 

We all have smart phones these days, so telling them you'll send them regular picture updates is another way you can increase customer confidence in you, and reduce any anxiety they may have. 

Success on CitizenShipper doesn't just revolve around the first message. It's a process of keeping  in constant contact with your customer, providing them with regular updates, making sure you're available for any questions they have, and making the experience positive for them!



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