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Tips, Tricks and Perseverance

Richard Obousy -

In this section we've assembled some things that we've noticed help make successful drivers on the site. 


We talk to a lot of drivers and one complaint that we've heard is that they'll have to message 5-10 shipping customers to even get a single response. 

We're aware of this problem, and are working on ways to increase customer responsiveness. 

While we figure this out, don't lose heart if it takes you a lot of bids, or a lot of messages to get customers to interact with you. Stick at it! There's gold in the hills. :)


If you place a bid, it's always a good idea to send a message to the customer introducing yourself. Read our article Best ways to communicate with customers<br><br> to learn some useful tips when it comes to customer communication. 

Route Planning  

Some of the most successful drivers put a lot of time and effort into planning their routes out, and bidding on shipments along those routes. If you have a 1,000 mile trip ahead of you use our Stack shipment tool to try in win 5 shipments instead of just 1!

Minimize Costs

Some trips may include one or more overnight stops. Factor this into your bids, and use sites like Priceline to find low cost hotels and motels. 

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