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Ensuring Everything Goes Smoothly

Richard Obousy -

Often shipments go smoothly on CitizenShipper. 

But sometimes disputes can arise, and they often arise due to miscommunication between drivers and shipping customers. 

Take some time to read over the following, to ensure a smooth experience for you and y our customer. 


Most drivers and shippers discuss payment prior to the customer awarding the contact to the driver. However, if you've not yet discussed this make sure you and the customer are absolutely clear on the payment arrangement. Will you be paid on delivery? Half upfront? Have you requested the full amount upfront? 

Make sure there's no surprises for the customer else the transaction has a higher chance of falling through. 

Also, be sure to discuss how you expect to be paid, and be sure that the customer agrees. Will you be expecting cash, a check, credit card, or some other form of payment? Discuss this with the customer. 

Ideally you can have these discussions on the CitizenShipper message platform, so you'll have a record of anything the customer agreed to, should any dispute arise. 


Customers sometimes select a date, when initially listing a shipment, that represents an approximate, not exact, pickup date, that they want their shipment picked up.  

Be sure to communicate with the customer regarding expectations on pickup and deliver dates. 

Check with them when placing a bid that the date they've requested is an exact pickup/delivery date, or simply a preferred. 

3rd Parties

The customer on CitizenShipper who you're communicating with may be the person you'll be meeting at the pickup location, or they may be  the person at the destination. 

But there's almost always another party involved.

Be sure to obtain the 3rd parties contact information, and get in touch with them too. 

They're a part of this transaction and so need to be kept in the loop. 





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