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Ensuring a Smooth Transportation

Richard Obousy -

Most transportation jobs go smoothly. 

But there are some things that you can do to maximize the chances of a smooth transaction. 

1. Agree on Payment Details Before Hiring a Driver 

Before hiring a driver, be sure that you are both clear on the payment specifics. This includes not just the amount bust also:

i. Will the driver be paid in cash, check, credit card, paypal or some other method. 

ii. Will payment be made on delivery, on pickup, or 50% on pickup, 50% on delivery?

USDA regulations ask that pet transporters request 100% payment up-front, so don't be surprised if some drivers expect payment immediately. 

Be cautious of paying using  Moneygram or Western Union. This is fundamentally untraceable and you won't be able to claim a refund if you pay by these methods. Credit cards and Paypal all have built in dispute tools should things not go according to plan. 

2. Provide contact information of Everyone involved  

As the customer you may be at the pickup location, or the destination. But more often than not there is someone else involved too.

Once you've hired a driver, be sure to provide your driver with the contact information of anyone else involved in the transportation process. The transporter will need to coordinate with them too, and ensuring they are in contact maximizes the chances that the transportation will go hiccup-free. 

3. Be very clear on the dates and times

When you list a transportation job on CitizenShipper we ask that you input a date that you'd like pick-up and delivery. Drivers see these dates and plan their jobs around them. 

We understand that some customers are flexible on the dates, so be very clear when talking with drivers, what dates you expect pickup and delivery. 

It's good to have a digital record of this recorded on the CitizenShipper site, so ideally you'll have this conversation on our message platform. 

4. Communicate with your driver

After hiring a driver you'll both be sent each others contact information. Drivers often take the initiative to get in touch with you after being hired for a job. But if you don't hear from your driver, they may be in the middle of another job when you select them on the site. 

Feel free to reach out to them by SMS mesage, or email and introduce yourself that way. Smooth transportation jobs happen when both parties communicate well with each other.  

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