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Your CitizenShipper Dashboard

Richard Obousy -

Welcome to CitizenShipper! Your first steps in becoming successful as a Driver on CitizenShipper is to learn how to navigate your dashboard.

From your dashboard you can:

  • Find new shipments
  • Message potential customers
  • Place bids on shipments 
  • Filter shipments by category and geography
  • Set up 'routes'
  • Mange all your driver settings

When you first login to the site your dashboard looks like this:


We'll go through each element of this dashboard one by one.

Notice the following:


Recommended are shipments listed on the site that match the shipment categories you've selected (pets, boats, vehicles etc) and that also match the routes you're interesting in driving. More on routes later. 

Active shows you all shipments that you are current bidding on. 

Won shows you all shipments that you've won

All shows you ALL the shipments listed on the site, regardless as to whether they match your selected categories or your chosen routes. 

In the center of the page you'll see shipments listed that you're able to bid on. For example

This is just an overview, and clicking on the 'Details and Stack' will pull up additional information on the shipment, which we'll go into more details on later. 

The basic information shown here includes the shipment type (Furniture in this example), where it's going from and to, and how many miles. 

It also shows you the preferred dates that the customer would like to send the shipment, when it was listed on the site (6 minutes ago in this example) and an estimate as to how much money we think you could make from this shipment, based on historic trends on the site. 

From this you can also directly message the customer (more on messaging later). 

At the top of the page you'll see:

In this box you can type in a city, state or zip code and we'll filter out the shipments to only show those that appear in the location you've selected. 

Also at the top of the page you'll see:

Home brings you to the main dashboard. 

Messages is where you'll be able to read, send and receive messages to customers. 

Routes is the page that allows you to specify the areas you're interested in driving. Updating routes will modify the shipments we show you when you select the 'Recommended' option, and will also determine whether you receive SMS and email notifications about a shipment. 

Also at the top of the page you'll see a 'gear' icon which if clicked will bring up the following:

We'll go into each of these in detail in a separate article, but these links allow you to modify things like your profile, upload photos to your profile, and edit numerous notification settings. You'll also be able to close your account here too. 

That's it for the dashboard! Check out these following articles to learn more!

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