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Quick-Start Guide

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Welcome to CitizenShipper and thanks for listing a shipment with us!

So what's next?

After listing a shipment on our site you'll start to receive messages and quotes from interested drivers.

You'll be able to control the entire flow of the process from your dashboard. 

Conversations and Offers 

The first thing you'll see upon logging in is the 'conversations and offers' section that looks like something like this:


This section shows you the names of drivers who are bidding on your shipment and/or who you are having an active conversation with. Drivers often have questions about a shipment so exchanging a few messages is typical before booking a driver. 

Click on any of the segments to bring up the full conversation with the driver. 

Suggested Matches

Below the conversations section you'll see the 'Suggested Matches'. These are drivers who we think may be available to send you a quote. We compile this list based on drivers who have experience with similar transportation jobs, and who we think may be close to your area based on other contracts they're transporting. 

Click on any one of the suggested matches and shoot them over a quick message. Ask them if they've seen your listing and if they're interested. We make it easy for you to connect with professional drivers. :)

Message Section

The messages section is a way for you to easily communicate back and forth with drivers and will look something like this:

The message platform allows you to exchange messages in real-time. 

If you are the driver are unable to talk in real-time we'll also send you an email and an SMS notification letting you know you have a message from a driver. 

*Please note - CitizenShipper does not allow exchange of contact information so please conduct all business on-site. 

 The Drivers Profile

 When you select a conversation you'll see a snapshot of the drivers profile which will look something like this:


Here you can see the company name of the transportation provider, their rating from past customers and a brief description of the company (which can be expanded by clicking 'Read more'.  

Clicking on View profile brings up the full driver profile which will look something like this:


Here you'll see a wide range of information including how long they've been active on the site, how many completed and cancelled shipments they have. 

We also show you feedback from past customers and provide you with a review of the safety screening checks they've passed. 

In addition, drivers accumulate achievements over time, which you can also see. Hovering your mouse over an award, or clicking if on a mobile device, shows you a description of what that achievement was awarded for. 

All this information on the drivers profile page should give you enough background on a driver to help you make a decision on whether you want to hire a driver, or not. 

Drivers Offer

Returning back to the main messaging platform, if a driver leaves a quote on your shipment it will look something like this:


In this example, the driver has said they'll perform the transportation job for $420. This fee fee does not include the small CitizenShipper booking fee which you can read about here

Once you're ready to book your driver just hit the Book now button and you'll be taken to the booking page where you'll input your card information. 

Once that's done drivers will be sent a notification and you'll both be given each others contact information. 


Lastly, you'll see a snapshot of a drivers feedback history, that will look something like this:

This shows you how many customers left a certain star rating for a driver. This drivers doing pretty well with 29 5-star ratings!

To see a full breakdown of the reviews, and to read what the customer said about their experience just click on the View Profile button to be taken to their main profile page. 

That's it for the CitizenShipper interface! If you have questions for us email us on support@citizenshipper.com


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