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New Release: Shipment Delivered … And what to do after delivering a shipment

Richard Obousy -

Way to go! You delivered a shipment. What know?

We are changing the way how ‘completed shipments’ are calculated. In the past you had to deliver at least 5 shipments with a rating of 3 and higher for shipments to be shown on your profile.

This meant that new drivers had ‘0 shipments delivered’ on their profile for quite a while.

We realized how frustrating that must be for our new drivers and we decided to change the way how CitizenShipper calculates completed shipments.

Starting today, once you deliver a shipment you’ll simply mark it as ‘Delivered’ and this will trigger a message to the shipper, asking them to leave a review for you! Every single shipment marked as delivered will be counted on your profile. This, together with a great review from a shipper, will help you a lot in winning future shipments.

How to change shipment status from ‘Won’ to ‘Delivered’?

When you navigate to your dashboard, you’ll see the ‘Won’ shipments section.



Enter this section and locate the shipment that has been delivered. You’ll see three dots menu icon in the top right corner.



Click on it and mark your shipment as ‘Delivered’.




Once you hit the ‘Delivered’ button, your shipment will change from ‘Won’ to ‘Delivered’, as shown on the screenshot below:



This will change not only the number of delivered shipments on your profile, but it will trigger a message to a shipper, asking to leave a review for you!

Why is it so important to mark your shipment as ‘Delivered’?

The more shipments you successfully deliver the more reviews you’ll get. Shippers like to know as much as possible about the driver who is transporting their belongings. If a shipper sees that you already delivered someone else’s precious cargo, they’ll feel more confident in leaving their belongings in your hands.

If you’d like to improve your profile even more, we recommend that you read our Ultimate Guide for New Drivers.

Got any questions? Contact us right away on support@citizenshipper.com or post your question on our CitizenShipper FB page.

Keep on Drivin’ and don’t forget to post some pictures from the road to our page!

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